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How H2O understands fire detection, alarm and firefighting services

When it comes to Fire Detection, Alarm and Fighting, companies must be prepared to deal with some challenges, such as:

Develop specialized projects (Conceptual, Executive and “as built”) that:

Ensure that the installed equipment is technological, functional, approved and has local representatives qualified to provide support;

Maintain your installations and fire systems in accordance with the original design through:



Projects in the fire area, also known as PPCI (Fire Prevention and Fighting Project) must be carried out by trained and qualified professionals, respecting current legislation and standards and considering the specific needs of each client.

H2O has highly qualified engineers, designers and professionals, identifying the most suitable solution for your company and developing projects for the implementation and/or updating of fire detection and fighting systems.


The implementation of fire protection and fighting systems requires qualified, trained labor with experience in the area. Close Construction Management and the use of quality products and materials are fundamental to the success of the project.

With qualified professionals with experience in the field, H2O is prepared to carry out fire system implementation and improvement projects.


Through a maintenance contract, a partnership is established where customer success is the main objective. Following the best maintenance practices guarantees a very positive experience in addition to providing an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

The maintenance services provided by H2O guarantee the compliance of the installations with the respective approved projects, ensuring that any changes are incorporated and validated, keeping the systems up to date and safe.


Specialized consultancy can help the client make more appropriate decisions, guiding them to choose the best fire detection and firefighting solution or technology for their company. By surveying needs, analyzing processes and carrying out diagnoses, it is possible to identify “gaps”, deviations and point out solutions applicable to the scenario in question.

Our fire law and regulations experts can help your business prepare for insurance audits and fire department inspections. H2O can provide an opinion indicating the level of adherence of its systems to current national and international standards.

Testing and Commissioning

Through Testing and Commissioning, it is possible to ensure that the systems and components of the fire protection and firefighting system are designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained in accordance with the needs and operational requirements of the project.

The commissioning process consists of the integrated application of a set of engineering techniques and procedures to verify, inspect and test each physical component of the system, from individual ones, such as detectors, alarms and infrastructure, to more complex ones, such as switches and interfaces.

H2O has qualified technicians, appropriate methodologies and equipment with cutting-edge technology to carry out the most varied physical and digital tests in its fire installations.v


H2O provides training for customer technicians to ensure the necessary competence to carry out timely maintenance without putting the entire system at risk. This initiative relieves the customer of hiring third-party technicians, who often perform basic maintenance or those that can be carried out by a trained employee.

Bringing together theoretical and practical elements, H2O offers online and in-person training to its customers. “Online” training is provided through an EAD platform, using “gamification” to enhance learning.

H2O understands these needs and is prepared to help its customers face these challenges.

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