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Complete and customized solutions in detection, alarm and fire fighting

Official Protec Distributor in Brazil

About Us

Nice to meet you, we are H2O Soluções ®️.

H2O was born from the vision of its founders to provide the market with Complete and Customized Solutions in the area of ​​Detection, Alarm and Fire Fighting through a constructive approach that generates value for customers and society, with a focus on protecting life and property.

Our main customers

Integrated Management Policy

H2O SOLUÇÕES DE PROTECTION À VIDA E AO PATRIMÔNIO LTDA., active in the fire engineering segment through which it provides project preparation services, training, maintenance and installation of security systems and has its Integrated Management System Policy defined in:

• Respect the commitments made, always aiming to satisfy our customers and meet product and service requirements;
• Invest in partnerships aimed at technological advancement that minimize environmental impact and occupational risk while contributing to the delivery of complete fire engineering solutions to the market;v
• Monitor and appropriately dispose of waste generated;
• Continuous improvement of the integrated management system;
• Train our professionals;
• Seek to meet applicable legal requirements related to the Environment, Safety and Occupational Health;
• Maintain a good working environment for our employees in order to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses;
• Search for partners and suppliers who act with the same principles and concerns;
• Maintain open communication channels so that our employees and partners can express their opinions, which will be welcomed and respected.

Prepared by William Araujo Rev 04 – 12.04.2023

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